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  1. Hi I just got the game and i used a 30 day free time code on my game as soon as i got it. The problem is, it shows up on swtor website as that i have 29 days left but the tick on the account summary page isn't showing after i finished. As well as that when i launch the game it wont let me play as it says that i don't have a subscription on my account? Does anyone know why this is happening and how i can fix it?
  2. Yup i'm from the UK and have nowhere and none to play with
  3. Hi i'm new to the game and i am stuck looking for a decent server in the UK and would also like a few people to play with. I like playing a Jedi knight and i would be starting from the beginning of the game. If anyone would like to play with me from the start and could suggest a good UK server i would be very grateful. Thanks
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