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  1. some modding is ok but if its left unchecked it can get absolutely rediculous
  2. what is your favorite star wars game of all time. for me it would have to be jedi knight 2 jedi outcast and kotor anyone else got a favorite star wars game they still play?
  3. i prefer a dell xps myself it does everything i want and gives me no problems even with high graphic settings. also had a viao laptop that did well but i lost it in a motorcycle accident lol
  4. new here so just figured i would introduce myself this looks like its got the makings of a great comunity for a great game and i hope to be a part of it.
  5. i think it would kind of just be a weak healer and weak fighter not really sure why you would split it into 2 when its easier to just go one way
  6. im just going to steal from people who took the time to craft things lol
  7. i dont really see the point in using a guide its best to just learn on your own
  8. i think it would be a pretty awesome feature to have customizable races want tentecles instead of arms? robot tentacles? done lol
  9. hoth needs a bit more substnce in my opinion its just to...empty lol
  10. looking to try out a few other classes what is a good way to go? what are the drawbacks to the classes and how does that effect gameplay?
  11. lol star war fans is a pretty broad audiance i mean if the history of star wars games can be taken into account then there is a massive following. would be interesting if bethesba did some work on it to open it waaay up
  12. are you running a game booster/ that helped me i used iobit booster to free up ram
  13. i would like it to be a massive open game. pilot the ships to any pint and explore the planets as you want. more realism would be great
  14. its definately worth it. after a fw days of getting lost in it anyone would agree lol i lost a whole week
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