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  1. Although its kinda like milking players for money, games with subscriptions are (usually) worth it.
  2. expensive... but looks pretty good. well see though.
  3. most games that just release are priced around $59.99, with a $14.99 monthly subscription (if they have one)
  4. i also tried it out, it was indeed fun to play.
  5. DemonstrateThis


    too bad i cant play tonight : (
  6. When the game releases, which planet will you be hanging around the most?
  7. How exactly do you guys think this will be? I didn't get much beta time in due to drill and stuff on the weekend the beta was out. Will it be like WoW or different?
  8. are there any of these sites out there?
  9. That brutal impact talent seems to be pretty good I think.
  10. ah, guess i read wrong then. my bad :3 still having trouble deciding on what I want to be rolewise (tank, etc) :3
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