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  1. Tomorrow I start my teaching job. One of the classes I'm insanely excited to be teaching is Video Games as Literature (the study of video games as a storytelling medium). I have a pretty good setup for the course, I think, but I have one friend who constantly laments the fact that I have no RTS games in the course. The reason I didn't include any is pretty simple; I have never (in my admittedly limited experience with the genre) played an RTS with a story worth studying in a literature course. Not even close. I've barely ever even heard story mentioned in relation to the genre; with very few exceptions, the mechanics and strategy seem to be all that matter. But I certainly would be interested to see if there is an exception to this perceived rule. So then, Escapists, tell me: are there any RTS games with genuinely interesting storylines, interesting characters, and thematic depth?
  2. I want to play SWTOR Maybe I'll try soon
  3. That's a very cool build Thanks a lot
  4. Hello gamers, This article is not being written for any hate to the Star Wars (SW) franchise, but in hopes that the genre might actually become better. By simple facts, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) loses more subscribers than it gains on any given time period. Eventually EA Bioware division's game may be reduced to nothing, with exception to the hard-core of SW, a prospect that is horrible for general fans wanting to experience a new dimension in gaming. THE PAST: The SW movies, starting in the late 70's, were nothing short of brilliance, chock full of innovation. Sci-Fi movies before this period largely consisted of contempory (modern day, as we see it) technology .. Star Trek clones if you will. Then Star Wars brought the idea of a civilization long ago which was not only technologically superior over nature, but also used magic - the Force. The series captivated a humungous audience loving this new realm of thought. The fans of this idea of SW were captivated, collecting memorbelia, toys, and anything that screamed "Star Wars". After many years, decades later, games came out that were very innovative and fun for PC & console. Games relating to the SW universe kept players interested. Fly your own ship. Perform actions to take down an AT -AT. Defend your planet and defend your military ships. Take to the ground and do objective based missions. Ride vehicles and defend them or use them to get somewhere else. SW had what no other game could provide - a believable world. It held a sense of what you did mattered - not only to the game itself, but to other players .. since many missions (2D or 3D) were left to hand-eye coordination. If you sucked, you would fail .. although you had opportunities to get better, and try again. Success gave way to bragging rights. The first actual MMORPG was Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), in which players could finally enter into a SW universe with other players and actually interact. While it had mixed receptions at the time, it was a success because of it's longevity. Many people just didn't play it because they didn't know about it (because of EQ and SOE's expansion structure), or they didn't understand what sandbox actually meant, and how that was different from what they were already playing. SWG was a good game .. but they had competition which were also good games, so a small niche is expected, unless it went viral, which it didn't.
  5. Amazing. Thanks!! Been looking for a good guide like this. Will definitely bookmark this page. Keep it alive
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