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  1. If you are having troubles follow these, pretty good and straightforward. Not sure if they are best around but pretty darn effective. http://www.swtor-holo.net/swtor-crafting-skills/swtor-synthweaving-leveling-guide.html
  2. Even with good tanks, it's tough to keep aoe threat on all the targets. Have to use Crowd Controls and dps have to target together to get weakest down fast then the stronger mobs. Swtor relies heavily on taunt and it doesn't quite function as WoW taunt.
  3. Yeah but I think cybertech, armormech, and armstech drop but I don't think we have any of those. I don't know what they would drop for Artifice really. But any of the raids or HM FP's have I seen an artifice schematic drop. But could have been unlucky never know. Although there are some 24 mods that are on torhead, but I'm not too confident how right they are on some of their things.
  4. Idk, I've never ever seen artifice schematics drop so I'm very skeptical that they even drop besides off of that worldboss. Do get Rakata relics though. I know synthweaving, biochem, cybertech, and armortech drop for sure.
  5. http://sithwarrior.com/forums/Thread-DPS-Excel-calculator-for-Sorcerer-Sage Here is the Jedi Consular excel sheet on sithwarrior.com. It's easy just follow the instructions, can see relatively how much dps you can dish out in your gear doing different rotations or with different talents. I know it's not perfect but it's something you can try to go off of. So far only the Jedi excel sheets have been up I'll keep checking to find smuggler and trooper ones.
  6. When you are leveling, unless there is something you really need don't buy all the schematics. Just look for the highest lvl one that you can craft easily. Saves a lot of money. But if you do the quests your suppose to I never had money problems too much. I did Synthweaving/Archaeology/Underworld Trading. And at 50 it kind of sucks, there are a few good things I can make with Synthweaving, but otherwise you have to get lucky finding schematics from hard mode FP's or find rakata schematics in Hard Mode ops. Those are the only places I think they can drop.
  7. Tyrael


    If you really like strong melee dps guardian is nice. They are bad in the sense they don't have any cc so they are tough in pvp if you don't spec right because otherwise you just get knocked around continuously by the 3 other range classes. Otherwise shadow is a good rogue-type melee dps that is good because of invis.
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