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  1. Cool Cool! Thanks for the responses and whatnot I may spew of an alt on a European server.
  2. If you like bioware games and you like Star Wars than this game is defiantly worth it! The pvp is mediocre at the moment but the deves have already announced new maps. Also they have a good number of raids/flashpoints already and I belive they added a new endgame raid already. My theory is if you want a pvp game play Battlefield 3 or COD, if you wan't a good MMO SWTOR is up there!
  3. Sandman666


    hey all I am a conic gamer and like mmos but love bioware games and Star Wars. I seem to be addicted and wan't to play every class to lvl 50 before I get to the endgame stuff!
  4. Is the jedi consular worth playing or is it just a carbon copy of the sith inquisitor? I ask this because I seen the single lightsaber consular AC tanking and was like wtf my sorc can't tank?
  5. I'll be honest I never had to wait in ques and I have characters in big servers like Swiftsure and kass city.
  6. Scrub: see noob Does anyone else refer to mobs as pedobear attacks or is that just my guild? lol
  7. No you do not get to choose it is class specific. However I hope they do something to modify this in the future.
  8. in beta I made it to lvl 22 in 1 day as a sith warrior. now that the game is released the class stories are so good I'm having a hard time picking my main. So far I've levelled: lvl 24 trooper, lvl 32 Imperial Agent, lvl 22 Sith Sorc, lvl 13 jedi knight, lvl 8 bounty hunter and a lvl 5 smuggler. Know that I've started all those classes I want to get one to lvl 50 but then I start getting into an alts storyline.
  9. magic wise yes they are the only damage dealing "caster" but you have to remember this is not WOW and that their are other ranged classes with guns. For example if you spec out a Sniper the right way you can be killing lvl 50's as low as lvl 16. however for ranged classes like snipers and sorcs you have to also remember most of their power skills are activated from an immobile point.
  10. I went with underworld trading and artifice. I primarily use underworld trading to get cheep companion gifts. On my Agent I also went with diplomacy but the dark side/ light side effect is so small I don't feel it is worth it.
  11. Hey guys I am slowly making a jedi alt at the moment. Do you have any tips? I've got a imperial agent sniper up to level 32 and an Inquisitor sorc to level 20 something. Basically I am used to dps and healing but I would like to give tanking a try with a jedi knight. So do you guys have any tips?
  12. "Social emotes (like /getdown) can no longer interfere with combat. (1.0.2b)" was that actually a real problem? I read that some guy just edited a YouTube video to get attention and it was not really an exploit.
  13. I just go dark side all the time! its good to be bad
  14. If you have trouble with space missions go to a Starship upgrade vendor. They are typically located in space ports. once you get the ship upgrades the missions are a joke and probably the fastest way to get exp in the game.
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