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  1. I think my next will be a bounty hunter. I will go republic after I work through the empire side.
  2. I am also going lightning with my sorc. I am not at 50 yet but as I go I also look at the other two trees to see if there is anything else I may need. I like the fact that you can switch between them and not have to stick with one tree until it is full.
  3. There are not many of us, but yes I'm a girl and I play SWTOR. I may not be great, or very fast at leveling but I enjoy the game.
  4. I know my computer is well equipped to play the game efficiently, because it has worked just fine, but at times I have horrible fps. It has dropped as low as 0.4. It did not do this until after the first major update, 1.1. Has anyone else had this kind of issue?
  5. I'm still leveling my first character. I haven't had a ton of time to play so I have yet to see all of them. I think I'll stick with undecided until I've seen them all.
  6. Yes this is very helpful! There is also an android app you can get, I'm sure iPhone has one too. Sometimes the details as to where the datacrons are can be confusing but its a good reference guide as well.
  7. Is it weird that I want to be an Ewok? They are just so cute and bad-ass at the same time. I agree, Wookies would be fun as well.
  8. It is very much worth the money. You have multiple class options and options within each class. You can have more than one character so once you go through one class you can start another and see a completely different story line. Plus with patch updates and the extension of level cap there will always be things to do. Besides once you get to 50 it doesn't stop.
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