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  1. Hi there icemetal! Nice to see you here! I love computer games too, and everything about Star Wars ^^
  2. .. what would it be? Personally I would like a more open space enviroment, instead of the mini-game we got now. Do you think it will be implemented in the future, as an expansion of sorts? What else would you change, if you could?
  3. I was running with one or two for a long time, untill they fixed it. It really was annoying not to be able to get rid of them.
  4. I usually find legit (or at least not too shady ) ways of making gold in the MMO's I play. For example in LOTRO I made enough gold that I could sell if for something like a thousand $ if the goldsellers would buy haha. But hey didn't They only bought a tiny fraction for 20$. An amount I could easily make back in one day.
  5. I actually love Ewoks and have no idea why so many dislike them However I really don't see them being a playable race, because they are just so small and weak and cuddly, and only strong in big numbers
  6. Corruscant or Tatooine, always found them the most interesting.
  7. As far as I've heard it is possible to finish it in something like a week, but that depends if you are a hardcore player At normal pace it should take you weeks in most MMO's including this one.
  8. I wonder what would that thing be, that he wants to keep hidden there.. perhaps a .. Wookie? Or himself, if he makes the Wookie angry
  9. zerospin


    Yes love that charge too Hard to say about effectiveness in PvP, I guess time will tell. Most classes will require balancing at one time or another, for sure.
  10. If you're a Star Wars fan, there is really not much of an alternative there, is it
  11. Yup shadows and Vsync are often the culprit. You could also try to update video drivers for your card. It fixed some issues for me during the beta. Another possibility is that you have low RAM on the card or in the system, and the game is transferring game textures to the page file too often which would cause huge lag. Or perhaps it's a problem in the game itself, after all it's very new still.
  12. That's a very sweet build, I bet you will have a blast trying it out on SWTOR and other games I'm stuck with my old 4yo PC hah.
  13. Thanks this will be very helpful as I only recently started playing the game
  14. I'm a huge fan of all things Star Wars related Nice to meet you all and may the Force be with you!
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