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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is meant to help people understand terms that are commonly used in the Star Wars: The Old Republic! If there is something I have missed please let me know and I can add it to the list. If I have mistakenly put the wrong description on a term please let me know as well. 1337 - elite/leet A AC - armor class, number of points your player has in the armor stat AFK - away from keyboard, the player is not at their computer aggro - sometimes said "pulling aggro", means you are the one mobs are attacking, tanks are the one that want this, healers and dps don't AH - auction house, will be called markets in TOR alt(s) - a created character that isn't used as often, "main character" will be used more often AoE - area of effect, an ability that affects a radius around the player instead of a single target APB - all point bulletin, a video game ATC - after the treaty of coruscant atm - at the moment B BAF - bring a friend bbs/brb/bbl - be back soon / be right back / be back later BBY - before the battle of Yavin BH - bounty hunter BTC - before the treaty of curoscant btw - by the way, some idiots may say "bt dubs..." buff - an ability that increases the player's points, ex. health points C camping - staying in one area waiting for a player to respawn or arrive cant - cantina cantina - a hangout in the star wars world cap - the maximum, usually refering to level CC - crowd control, abilities that keep a target from moving or attacking clicker - a person who clicks on buttons rather than using hotkeys co-op - cooperative con - consider, considering a target is comparing their skills and gear to yours to judge whether or not you could defeat them in a duel CU - combat update D de-buff - to take off a "buff" or to have the negative of a "buff" def - defend Ding! - "I have just gotten another level!" disarm - player can not use his weapons for a set amount of time DND - do not disturb, don't bother me DoT - Damage over Time, means that damage is inflicted to the player over a period of time dps - damage per second, the group members who are meant to do the most damage to mobs and bosses. Can also be used as a measurement on how much damage per second is being done DR - diminishing returns, When crowd control abilities are chained together, those that fall into the same category last shorter every time they are used on the same target. They usually stack up to 3 times going from 100% duration to 50% to 25% and from then on the target becomes immune. The time until the deminishing return fades depends on the game, it's usually 15 seconds. DR - damage reduction, ability allowing player to take less damage from attacks dungeons - closed off areas not part of a public space, exclusive to you and your party/raid E EotT - Eye of the Tiger emote - a form of non-combat action that expresses an emotion end-game - when a player reaches the level cap exp - experience points, also said xp F FAQ - frequently asked questions farming - usually used as a way of saying you are gathering stuff in order to make in-game money ftw - for the win G gank - to kill an unsuspecting enemy player in a PVE area gear - armor and weapons GD - good duel GF - good fight GG - good game GJ - good job GL - Guild Leader GL - good luck GLHF - good luck have fun GM - Game Master, developer of game. Sometimes used for Guild Master gratz - congratulations graveyard - where your character goes when they die grind - to repeat an activity many times in order to achieve or gain something GUI - graphic user interface, the overlay of the screen containing all the information H Healer - a class/player in a group who's job is to heal all the players in the party to prevent them from dying healz! - this is a request to the healer for you to get healed HoT - Heal over Time, the player will an amount of health over a short period of time hotkeys - keyboard keys used to carry out in-game functions and actions HP - health points, how much health a player has HPS - Heals per second I IC - In-combat or In-character when used in role-playing IMO - in my opinion Inc - incoming interrupt - stop an enemy's cast J JM2C - just my 2 cents, a person's opinion jk - just kidding jw - just wondering K kiting - to move a monster or player around while trying to take the least possible damage (think of the monster as a kite and you are the one with the string). Used to avoid melee attacks KoS - kill on sight KOTOR - Knights of the Old Republic KS - kill stealing L LFG - looking for group, player's often post this if they want an invite to a group LFM - Looking For More, this term is used by group leaders when they are looking for more people for their group LFP - looking for players LFR - looking for raid Lol - laugh out loud, incase, chuck norris forbid, someone doesn't know LoS - line of sight, what your character can see, ex. a target lvl - character level M main - someone's primary or most advanced character MDPS - melee damage MMO - Massive Multiplayer Online Game (i know most of you know it but I thought I'd add it just in case ) MMORPG - massive multiplayer online role-playing game mob - usually used to refer to a hostile monster, can be used for friendlies if allied to you MP - mana/magic points MT - mistell, sent the wrong message. Also used to say Main-tank N NC - non-combat NCE - new game enhancement nerf - when a class's power is reduced NJ - nice job noob/newb - a new or bad player NPC('s) - non-player character, a computer controlled character nvm - nevermind O OC - original character OGRA - opposite gender romance arch OMG - oh my gosh/god OMW - on my way one-shot - used when player kills another character in one hit OOC - out of character, role-playing OOM - out of mana/magic OOR - out of range OP - over powered, when a class is a lot better then other classes OT - off-tank, a tank who takes damage but only a bit of it P party - group of players who share experience and loot while doing tasks together pat/patrol - refers to a mob that moves around around a larger area rather than staying in a smaller area PBAE - point blank area effect PK - player killing, also said PKing post-CU - after combat update pre-CU - before combat update PM - private message port - teleport PST - please send tell, "message me" PUG - pick up group pull - forcing and enemy group to come towards your party, used to avoid other mobs and enemy groups PvE - player versus environment, kind of means facing computer players, not actual people PvP - player versus player Q QQ - emote for crying quest - a mission or objective given to players by NPCs for the player to complete R RA - romance arch Rage Quit - when someone exits there game as a result of frustration raid - a large group of people trying to perform a large task or dungeon RDPS - ranged damage re-buff - to put "buffs" on a character again Re-up - putting on buffs/de-buffs/crowd control again to keep it from going away rez - resurrect, bring player back to life rofl-stomp - roll on the floor laughing stomp, when a player is laughing at how badly they defeated another player rofl - roll on the floor laughing, used to say something is very funny RP - role-playing, pretending to be your in-game character RPG - role-playing game, means you are the character and you control him/her RPPvP - a server that is both role-playing and player versus player RvR - realm versus realm S SGRA - same gender romance arch silence - prevents player from casting for a set amount of time SMAT - send me a tell, "message me" snare - prevents your characters movement for a set amount of time SP - skill point stack - having the maximum amount of 1 item that fits into one storage slot stun - prevents your character from doing all or some actions for a set amount of time T tank - take damage for the rest of the group (they are the one you want the mobs to attack), often have the most health toon - someones character TOR - the old republic TPS - threat per second TSL - the sith lords U V W w/ - with, could also be used as "/w" w/o - without w8 - wait WB - welcome back woot - we own the other team, or just a form of cheering WTB - want to buy WTC - want to craft WTS - want to sell WTT - want to trade X xp - experience points Y YAAD - yet another annoying death YASD - yet another stupid death Z zerge/zerg - charge into attack the enemy ignoring any form of enemy tactics zomg - really just a variation of OMG Star Wars abbreviations and terms Interdicter - A type of heavy star cruiser, creates large gravity fields preventing ships from leaving the system it is in KotOR - Knights of the Old Republic, a game made by Bioware 2003 OT - original trilogy of star wars Games and Companies AC - Asheron's Call AO - Anarchy Online AoC - Age of Canon APB - All Points Bulletin Bioware - the producer of KoTOR and TOR Blizzard - Developer of WoW and Diablo DAoC - Dark Age of Camelot D&D - Dungeons and Dragons EA - Electronic Arts EQ - EverQuest Funcom - Producers of AO and AoC LotRO - Lord of the Rings Online Mythic - Producers of DAoC and WAR SOE - Sony Online Entertainment SWG - Star Wars Galaxies SWTOR - Star Wars: The Old Republic WAR - Warhammer Online WoW - World of Warcraft This post has been promoted to an article
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