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Here are the locations of the all the Datacrons and Matrix Shard within Star Wars: The Old Republic. There are others out on the net, but they all are not complete. Some of them only showed where the Matrix Shards were on Empire Planets and I was a Jedi. Some have ones that others do not ect.... I've decided to compile them all here to make it easier on everyone.



Matrix Shards



Korriban: (-55, Y: 379) - Empire only

This Red Matrix Shard is out in the open. Just head to the location and you cannot miss it.

Ord Mandell: (778, 133) - Republic Only

Hoth: (-738, 1738) - Requires Vendor Item

First, you will have to buy an item called “Hydro-Thinner” from the Aurek Base Cantina Vendor at (-3533, -1382). Go to the Datacron’s location a little bit left of the Highmount Bluff’s entrance and use the Hydro-Thinner on it. It’s covered in ice and there is a large rock spike next to it to help with visibility.

Illum: (543, 544) - Will PVP flag Empire

The Red Matrix Shard is located on top of the Republic base inside.



Coruscant: (905, 4557) - Republic Only

Drumond Kas: (-187, 1738) - Empire Only

A hidden path just east of the Datacron’s location is the entryway. There are a few elites nearby so be careful or bring allies.

Nar Shadda: (1702, 3084)

First go Coordinates (X:1708, 3090). There will be small crates which you can jump onto much larger unevenly stacked rectangular crates. At the top, look right and climb onto the pipes attached to the wall. Follow these pipes and jump until you reach a ledge with some crates. Jump up to the next area from here. Follow this path and make a left to find the Datacron.

Illum: (311, -380) - Will PVP flag Republic

The Yellow Matrix Shard is located inside a small building in the Imperial Base.



Hutta: (-9, 319) - Empire Only

This Datacron is in the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels (Heroic Area)(X:-18, Y:12) which are the location of the “[Heroic 2+] Factory Recall” quest, as you have to fight elite enemies here.

Tython: (-93, 925) - ?Republic Only

Tatooine: (-2391, -1381)

These two Datacrons are located in the same area. First, in the southwest corner of The Dune Sea there is a Jawa Sandcrawler. Get on top and wait for a balloon to appear. Ride this balloon. You will eventually see a Sandcrawler with a glowing Blue Matrix Shard Datacron. Jump down onto the Sandcrawler to obtain the Datacron. For the Red Datacron go to the edge of the Sandcrawler (the side closest to the Datacron) and carefully jump down to a small platform sticking out of it. There is a small compartment with the Datacron sitting inside.

Corellia: (-2423, -1063)

The Blue Matrix Shard is also Located in Labor Valley. It is Located at in the southeast corner of the map at -2307, -988.



Balmora: (-505, 1990) - Empire Only, Requires 2 people to obtain

Go to the far SW corner of the Gorinth Canyon map, to the cave complex located @ (-472, 1929). Inside you will find an elevator toward the rear of the complex. Go down the elevator. On the bottom level of the Neebray Warehouse is the Datacron and it requires two people to unlock the door to it. To open the shielded door two players must activate the “Shield Control” panels to the right and left and get the timing right.

Taris: (1059, 10390) - ?Republic Only, Requires 2 people to obtain

Within the Abandoned Power Plant go down to the lower levels and there will be a control panel to operate. One player must operate this and one play must jump onto to the area above. Activating this control panel will shoot the player on the platform up into the air onto some pipes. Go right then hop down to the next pipe. Follow it to the end and drop to the platform below. Make a jump to the platform right beside it to obtain the Datacron.

Belsalvis: (-315, -2173)

First find the elevator to Cave Under Tree on the Tomb map, the location is (-547, -2172). Take the elevator down and travel straight through to the far end of the room. The glowing cube is there with a quest reticule above it. Before the Datacron is a machine that is powered by 4 Rakata Cubes. Rakata Cubes are found all over Belsavis. They spawn at random hidden locations.

Corellia: (701, -1890) - Requires Vendor Item

First go to the vendor directly south of Tarlarn Outpost on Alderan and buy the MGGS. The Green Matrix Shard is Located in Axial Park. Access to it is through the Museum.


Required Vendor Items

Hoth: [Hydro-Thinner] - Purchasable at the Empire/Rebublic cantina on Hoth for 20k credits.

Corellia: [MGGS] - Purchasable on Aldaran from vendor south of Tarlarn Outpost for 10k credits.


Matrix Cubes are relics that can be created on your faction’s capital planet by using the Matrix Shards received from certain datacrons. Empire characters create Matrix Cubes in Dromund Kass’ Ancient Assembly Chamber, that is on the way to the Dark Temple. Republic characters create Matrix Cubes in Coruscant’s Lost Assembly Vault, the West room in the Jedi Temple.


Each character may have one Matrix Cube in Mission Inventory or equipped at a time. Down from 4 during the beta. Matrix Cubes can no longer be stored in one’s cargo hold.


Creating Matrix Cubes

Matrix cubes grant a significant stat boost on equip. The particular stats per matrix cube depend on which three matrix shards were used in the assembler and if you are a force or tech user. There is a total of 12 Matrix Shards, three per color. The order the shards are placed in the assembler do not matter. The order the colors are listed in below is the way the game currently lists the shards.


Matrix Shards:

R = Red

Y = Yellow

G = Green

B = Blue


Tier 2 – Level 15:

RBY — 18 Str, 8 End (M2-W3)

BYG — 11 Str, 14 End (M2-W0)

RBG — 15 Aim, 10 End

RYG — 8 End, 18 Will (M2-W1)


Tier 3 – Level 24:

RYY — 19 Str, 24 End (M3-O1)

BYY — 19 Aim, 24 End

GYY — 28 Cun, 14 End (M3-L1)

RBB — 19 Will, 24 End (M3-V2)

YBB — 19 Str, 24 End (M3-J2)

GBB — 28 Aim, 14 End (M3-A2)


Tier 4 – Level 32:

YRR — 14 Str, 33 End, 8 Acc, 10 Def

BRR — 33 End, 29 Will (M4-V1)

GRR — 39 Aim, 23 End (M4-B2)

RGG — 26 End, 23 Cun, 16 Crit

YGG — Bugged, gives YRR

BGG — 14 Aim, 33 End, 8 Shield, 10 Def


Tier 7 – Level 50:

Force Users:

YYY — 52 Str, 60 End, 18 Def (M7-Y3)

GGG — 58 Str, 50 End, 24 Crit

RRR — 58 Will, 50 End, 24 Crit (M7-R3)

BBB — 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit (Possibly bugged since force users have no use for Aim)


Tech Users:

YYY — 24 Aim, 62 End, 24 Acc, 26 Def

GGG — 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge (Also possibly bugged)

RRR — 48 End, 72 Cun, 7 Crit

BBB — 58 Aim, 50 End, 24 Crit (M7-B3)


Amplified Matrix Cubes

Matrix Prisms, Matrix Emitters, and Matrix Amplifiers can be used to alter matrix cubes when they are being created. These components are currently not in the latest build of the game. Expect to see these amplifiers in a content update eventually. It is speculated that they can be used to create tier 5,6, and 8 Matrix Cubes.


Disassembling Matrix Cubes

Matrix Cubes can be broken down back into Matrix Shards in the disassembler which is in the same area as the assembler. In order to power it, you must use a Reconstructed Disassembler Core which can be purchased from a vendor on Tatooine’s Mos Isla or Anchorhead (by the north sand crawler), depending on your faction. The Reconstructed Disassembler Core currently costs 8k.

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Datacrons (There are a total of 66 Datacrons in the SWTOR universe.)


Ord Mantell

Aim +2

Savrip Island: -657, -575

When you arrive at the island you will notice a rocky hill, the Datacron is on top of that hill. You should be able to see it’s glow as soon as you enter the island. This is a group area consisting of various strong and elite level 8 mobs.

Presence +2

Ord Mantell – Mount Avilatan: -975, 203

This Datacron is located west of the Volcano on the beach. Nothing special needs to be done to get to this datacron, you just have to run up the beach from the Volcano Camp.



Endurance +2

Tython – Elarian Trail: -33, -101

This Datacron is in a cave on a mountainside. East from the Forward camp, is the entrance to the cave located in Flesh Raider Territory at -28, 55. Simply follow the cave path, killing a few level 6 mobs along the way for the Datacron and a wonderful view.

Willpower +2

Tython – Upper Kaleth: -642, -70

From the Forward camp proceed to the Ruins of Kaleth, up the stairs to the second level and to the first building on the right. Once inside the building, climb the rubble on the left and then up the fallen tower you’ll see on your right. Keep right, passed the stump and the tree.



Endurance +2

Black Sun Territory: -3625, 150

Go to -3772,132 and begin climbing up the crates from the backside. Eventually, the crates lead you up to a pipe next to a ledge. Climb on the pipe in order to jump the gap onto the ledge and start heading right, along the walkway. The walkway eventually leads to a break in the path by some pipes. Jump on the pipe that diverges to your right and follow it to a new walkway. Drop down to a new pipe that leads back across the gap and follow it to the previous walkway. Continue on the walkway til you get to a dead-end. Over the ledge is a narrow walkway that leads towards the datacron. Drop over the ledge onto the narrow walkway and continue directly to the Datacron.

Presence +2

Old Galactic Market: 2320, 10551

Run up to the third and highest platform in the Shipping and Receiving Docks. The Datacron is laying in the wide open; difficult to miss.

Cunning +2

Justicar Territory: 1020, -3969

Begin by climbing the crates at 1034, 3968 that will eventually lead you up to a set of pipes. Carefully jump the gap between the pipes (try NOT to jump from the edge). Cross a skinny pipe that leads to a thick pipe along the wall. Follow the thick pipe until it drops down to a skinny pipe. Drop down (do not jump) to the intersecting skinny pipe that leads to a platform. A few easy jumps away is the Datacron.

Strength +2

Jedi Temple: -3087, 3031

In the Jedi Temple ruins, head over to the leaning pillar (around -3106, 2922) that leads up to the second floor. Once on the second floor turn left and follow the ledge to a remote platform. A Sith boss is meditating here, ignore or kill him. On the Northwest corner of the platform, jump to the lower, narrow beam.



Endurance +2

Korriban – Valley of the Dark Lords: 128, 81

Near the shuttle that you leave the planet on.

Willpower +2

Korriban – Lower Wilds Outskirts: 529, 64

This is located on a plateau near the first shuttle your quests will take you.



Aim +2

Hutta – The Bog: -94, 859

Climb the pipe at -163, 911 up to the hill. Keep right and follow the path along the side of the hill. It will lead you straight to the datacron.

Presence +2

Hutta – The Rustyards: 650, -107

This datacron is located on an island. Follow the pipeline, that starts at 497,-41, to the island and the datacron.


Dromund Kass

Strength +2

Dromund Kass Spaceport – Docking Bay D-61: 855, 643

Begin by going up the walkway that starts at 865, 642. Once you get to the two crates on the right, walk along the east side of the crates and drop down to the south-most pipe. Follow the pipe right over the datacron.

Endurance +2

Dromund Kass – Lord Grathan’s Estate: -795, 1451

At -729, 1496 in Lord Grathan’s Estate, there is a path that leads straight to the datacron.

Presence +2

Dromund Kass – Spaceport Expanse: 581, 796

Follow the road that heads Southwest from the starport to its end.

Cunning +2

Dark Temple Approach: -1219, 211

This Datacron is located on top of a rock. Head to -1089, 210 and climb the crates to jump up to the rock formation. Turn right to find and follow a path that leads to a vantage point over the datacron. Jump your way down to the datacron.



Cunning +2

Balmorran Arms Factory – Power Center: 1850, 111

Below the dock, the datacron rests upon a rock.

Willpower +4

Gorinth Canyon: -781, 2067

Head to (-655, 1830) where you will encounter a pipe that expands to the southwest. Cross it and follow the path it leads to. The path will empty right over the datacron. Drop down (do NOT jump) to the datacron.

Endurance +3

Colicoid Queen’s Nest: -485, -233

In the Colicoid Queen’s Nest, follow the path that starts at (-358,-230). The datacron is perched on a column in the room the path empties to.

Shared *The locations are shared, yet the datacrons are different per faction.

Aim +2

Cunning +4

Okara Droid Factory – Assembly Line: -1019, 1514

Take the lift to the assembly line and look for the hidden entrance at (-1024,1514). Carefully drop down to the datacron.

Willpower +2

Aim +4

Farnel Research Facility: 192, -343

First, purchase a Lost Code Cylinder from the vendor located at (670,38) to open the locked box this datacron is in. The locked box is on easily visible portion of a destroyed bridge.

Strength +2

Presence +4

Gorinth Canyon: 727, 2033

Head south from the Sundari outpost and across the bridge. Go to the start of a path at (695,1879) and follow it, past a white turret, to the datacron.


Nar Shaddaa

Strength +3

Location: 1943, 2481

Near the Network Access Taxi you will be able to look down and see what looks like a taxi below. You need to carefully fall to the platform that taxi is sitting on. That taxi will bring you to a Datacron. You can then use the communicator to return.

Presence +3

Location: 2930, 397

This datacron is on a raised platform in the Rebel Refugee Section in the Duros Sector: Slums. Start platforming at 1616, -2676 (No that’s not a misprint). You want to jump on the boxes, hop on the beam, run to the catwalk, jump on a “canvas” to the next catwalk. You will see an elevator, take it to the Residential Catwalk. At this point you are above the datacron, look around, plan your moves and claim your prize. It should be noted that if you fail to hit the beams after you take the elevator, you will either die to the fall or the groups of four elite mobs; enjoy!

Aim +3

Location: -3700, -1692

This datacron is on a raised platform in the Corellian Sector. You will notice a floating Kiosk in this area, it makes a circle around this room (takes approx 10 mins to complete a circle). You will need to jump onto the roof above the bench at -3785, -1681 (use the nearby crates and shelves to get there) and get your ride on the floating Kiosk at that location.

Strength +3

Shadow Town – Access Tunnels: 2192, 3068

In Shadow Town, head to (2302,3060) where you will need to climb some crates to a walkway. Follow the walkway til you reach a overpass; cross it. Get on top of some boxes on the left and jump to the near pipe. Follow the pipe north til you reach the second perpendicular pipe on the right. Jump up the pipe along the wall and on to a circular platform. Look westward and notice a large platform. Jump up to it and then look northward. Jump to the near pipe and follow it to the opposite wall. Drop down to the pipes along the wall on your left. Jump your way between the gaps as your cross the pipes and small platforms til you reach a ledge. You will find an elevator there that will take you to a secret area. The datacron awaits at the end of that area.

Aim +3

Nikto Sector: -3364,-3312

Head over to (-3303,-3402) where you will find small boxes next to some crates. Start climbing the crates up to a canopy. Follow up the second small pipe that intersects the canopy to a larger pipe. Cross the larger pipe as it leads to you to a wall with more pipes to follow. Jump your way to the ledge walkway, and keep following it as it turns left. Once you get to (-3397,-3336), jump down to the nearest post below. Follow the post line directly to the datacron.

Precence +3

Red Light Sector – Catwalks: 3340, -3290

In the Gauntlet Gang Area, head to (3690,1342) where you will find a small box next to a ledge. Jump up to the ledge and follow the canopy to a second level. Take the elevator up to a new level and the datacron.

Cunning +3

Incinerator Room:1930, 3313

In the High Security lockdown area, head to (2033,3355) and jump up the boxes to a ramp that leads to a walkway. Follow the walkway to a terminal that grants access to the incinerator room. Once inside, quickly make your way to the terminal and select the option that reads “326:3839″. A door will open to the datacron and a new terminal that gives you an item you’ll need for the Yellow Matrix Shard datacron coming up.



Cunning +3

Mos Ila: -720, 3912

This datacron is on a rooftop in Mos Ila. Start at -1005, 3887.

Cunning +3

Anchorhead: 2139, -3673

Head to the northwest wall of Anchorhead (1621,-3719), where you will jump up to the wall. Follow it as bears eastward til it meets a building. Jump up to the building and make your way north to the trail overpass. Cross it and jump to a new rooftop. Head to the northeast corner of the rooftop and jump to the blue awning which leads to a new rooftop with a satellite dish. Jump to the building on the left with the circular structure on its roof. Go to the southeast corner of this building and notice the south building with the wall lining. Jump to the highest portion of the next buildings wall then head east to a new awning; cross it to a new rooftop. Head south to a huge awning that spans over the street below. Cross it and jump to the large building from the left side of the awning. The datacron will be off the left ledge.

Willlpower +3

Jundland – Eastern Wound: 2073, -577

On the east most area of Jundland you will find a ledge at X,Y that overlooks an extending rock formation below. Drop down to it carefully. Notice the cave entrance on the canyon wall. Make your way through the whole tusken-raider cave to the datacron.

Aim +3

The Dune Sea: -628, -30

Head to the southwest area of Jundland: Transport Ship Crash Site. Sneak your way to the west ledge (just beyond an elite tusken-raider) that overlooks the Dune Sea. Notice the datacron perched on some ship debris. Carefully drop down to it.

Strength +3

The Dune Sea: -3841, -600

This datacron and the Blue Matrix Shard are on the top of a sand crawler. You can drop down from a jawa balloon onto the sand crawler. To get on the balloon, head to the southwest area of The Dune Sea (-2325,-4) and climb the half-buried sand crawler. Wait for the balloon to pass by and jump on it. The balloon takes about 45 minutes to make a full cycle on its path. After riding the balloon for about 30 minutes, jump to the sand crawler. Pier over the south side of the sand crawler and notice a small ledge. Toggle on walk (the “/” key on your number-pad) and drop down to the ledge by moving towards the edge very VERY slowly. If you fail, you must start over!



Aim +4

The Juran Mountains: 1106, 80

To access the lonely island where the datacron lays, head to the Organa Medical Camp (1182,-99) and follow the mountain trail west to a trolley platform. Jump to the trolley as it passes by the platform. Wait to jump down to the datacron, once over the island.

Presence +3

Glarus Valley: -89, -267

Head to -413, -209, where you will find a Thranta. Take a ride on this friendly fellow, he will drop you right on the datacron.

Willpower +3

Castle Panteer – Mezzanine: -2507, -425

Head into Castle Panteer and go to the third black door on the left (it will look like its NOT open). Squeeze your way into a secret hallway that leads to a second floor. Once on the second floor, go right and fight your way to the datacron.

Strength +4

Kaamos Territory – Lerantha Dam: 2191, -2018

In Kaamos Territory (the north-east area of alderaan deep in Imp territory) heading towards the dam, you will notice this datacron along the face of the dam.

There are two methods to reaching this datacron:

  • You can jump from the rocks near the main path, using your speeder, to gain access to the small ledge just below the datacron and follow the ladder up to the datacron.
  • The lazy, rich method: head to 1869, 1091 in the Juran Mountains and buy a Magnetically Guided Grappling System (10,000 credits) from the secret vendor. Go near the ledge where the datacron is perched on and click on an activation nod just above the datacron.

Endurance +3

Ruur Kilik Burrows: 2721, 2494

Head to 1869, 1091 in the Juran Mountains and buy a Red Detonite Actuator (2,000 credits) from the secret vendor. Venture into King’s Pass an enter the cave at 2374, 2449. Once at about 2721, 2494, notice a cave wall portion that can be interacted with. You will be able to activate the Red Detonite Actuator on the wall. One person can blow up the wall for others.



Cunning +4

Location:-643, 1606

You will enter the Abandoned Pirate Cave at -768, 1191 and take the elevator in the back of the room to the bottom floor (Republic Mine). When you arrive at the room with the Datacron you will notice a bulldozer in the room. You will need to jump onto the bulldozer and then jump box to box until you reach the Datacron. The closest flight path is Bomber Command Post. This one is frustrating, but at least you won’t die to fall damage!

Willpower +2

Dynamet General Hospital – Emergency Exit: -364, -148

Make your way to the Dynamet General Hospital Research Level (the lowest level of the hospital) to the room where the tunnel path empties. Below the right staircase, beyond a cluster of rumble, is a path (Emergency Exit) that leads straight to the datacron.


Endurance +3

Aim +2

Public Resettlement Zone: -1513, -255

Walk along a wall ledge that starts at: -1367, -208 for a good while. Once you reach broken silver pipes, jump to them and follow the left one over the gap towards a large redish-brown debris. Jump down to a pipe that is just over the north edge of the debris you are on. Follow the pipe right, til it comes to an end. Jump down to the wall ledge and follow it til it overlooks a platform. Drop down to the platform and a hole that leads to the datacron.

Willpower +2

Green Matrix Shard

Abandoned Power Plant: 1050, 1039

You need 2 people to get this datacron. Below the datacron on the lower area, you will find a platform and a switch at 1053, -182. Stand near the middle of the platform as a second person activates the switch. The interaction launches you to a pipe. Drop down onto the lower skinnier pipe that intersects the pipe you landed on. Follow the pipe to the end, and then jump to the datacron.

Presence +4

Strengh +2

Transport Station 5: 1187, -574

The Datacron is located on a raised platform; it is fairly easy to get to. Start at 1109, -157 and jump your way to the glowing red pillar of light.

Aim +4

Aim +2

The Tularan Marsh: 1047, 454

Run up the pipe at 1183, -170 til it ends and jump to the left platform. Continue on the platform to a wall; start following the wall ledge path. Once you get to 969, -173, jump right onto the silvery-gray structure. Run and jump along the structures and platforms, its a pretty straightforward path.



Endurance +4

Loc: 207, 769 – Look for a swear pipe with bars and you should be able to see the datacon, theres a entrace to the datacon from the north and south.

Cunning +4

Loc: 426, -130 – This is northwest of the Republic Operational Headquarters. Fairly easy to find, go to the target area, you’ll see a hole in the fence.

Strength +4

Loc: 558, 1422 – Near the three families war camp on a hill.



Cunning +4

Loc: 3143, 471 – This Datacron is located on the second floor of the Star of Coruscant. You will need to use the 3 moving boxes to navigate your way to the Datacron. Your starting point is 3248, 493. The entrance to the Star of Coruscant is on the bottom right of the starship graveyard.

Presence +4

Loc: 1041, -1245 – This Datacron is almost a strait shot North of Frostwake Outpost near the top of the map. It appears to be on a hillside and unreachable however at 1145, -995 there is a ledge on the hillside that you can hop onto and ride it North. When the ledge ends you jump down (hug the wall) and follow the path through a cave and to your Datacron.

Endurance +4

Loc: 2837, -374 – Jump up the ice from the start (2607, -844) until you are above what looks like an ice bridge, which you drop down onto. Then follow the routes jumping up the ice at the end to get to the right level and the Datacron should be at the end.

Strength +4

Loc: -4102, 115 - To get this datacron you need to kill a level 47 Elite Champion mob named “Ancient Probe”. It drops a Depleted Datacron. You need to charge it at the north entrance to The Star of Coruscant and you will get a functioning datacron.

It takes the Ancient Probe about six and a half minutes to complete one round, so your best bet is to wait for it somewhere on its route and face the direction it’s coming from. If you wait much longer than that, chances are someone defeated it and it hasn’t respawned yet.

If you’re impatient, you could try to approach it by taking the route in the opposite direction (counterclockwise), but it’s quite easy to miss.

And one more very important thing that’s missing here: If you’re in a group only one person needs the Depleted Datacron. When you use it at the Star of Coruscant everybody in your group can get the actual Datacron.



Aim +4

Loc: -2354, -2319 – In the tomb area, look for a lava pit and travel across the hard to see laser bridge.

Willpower +4

Loc: -2073, 377 – In the Belsavis high security section you will find a pathway located at (-2399, 391) follow it to the Datacron.

Presence +4

Loc: -3484, -867 – Your start point for this is a pair of rocks (-3705, -562). You will notice a tunnel between the rocks, follow it and walk along the ledge to the right to the datacron. This is located in the Belsalvis Maximum Security Section almost directly to the east of the Maximum Security Thoroughfare.

Endurance +4

Loc: -2562,-839 – This Datacron is located in a cave in the Northern section of the High Security Area. Starting point is -2475,-775 there a large group of rocks there go around and climb on the rocks and you’ll see a large gap between the rocks and the wall go down this gap and you’ll see a cave entrance the datacron is inside the cave.



Strength +4

Loc: 655, 2049 - This is a rather easy datacron to get. You need to go through a small passage between the rocks and you enter a nice little open area with a few enemy mobs and the datacron.

Endurance +4

Loc: -1950, -2220 - In Shrine of Healing, go to lower level. At X:-1950, Y:-2220 is a datacron waiting for you. Using the datacron, it will tell you that you are not worthy. Go to the NE corner of the room, click on the green healing crystal to meditate to be “healed”. After this is done, you can collect the datacron!

Cunning +4

Loc: 515, 175 - Datacron is located inside the Heroic area “The Boneyard” in “The Nightmare Lands”. You need to loot a Fallen Trooper to get the Shield codes and than use a nearby panel to deactivate the Shield. Behind it is an elevator that takes you straight to the datacron.

Willpower +4

Loc: -29, 371 – This one is fairly strait forward to get to. At location -442, 402 you will see a grassy path, which you will follow to a rock formation (-432, 179) forming “steps” you will jump from one step to another. At the top of the steps there is a cave, you will follow the cave to your prize. Near the Fort Kodentha flight path.

Presence +4

Loc: 2000, -940 – In the Northeast corner of the nightmare lands you will find a small island with three Voss Mystics meditating. You will click on a mediation tablet that will put you in a dream state. You need only click the Datacron at this point.



Strength +4

Loc: -2755, -2005 - Starting location is on Corellia, Labor Valley – Central Workforce Habitation at -2177, -2400.

You start by running up a pipe that is attached to a canopy. Once on the canopy wait for the fighter that is connected to a crane. Once the fighter is above the canopy jump onto it and wait for it to slowly make it to the scaffolding with the stacks of missiles. Jump onto the scaffolding with the stacks of missiles and than jump down into the fenced in area with giant containers. You will see a steel beam that is leaning onto the crates. Run up that to get ontop of the crates. On the far side of the crates is an arm that goes up and down slowly, wait for it to come down and carefully jump onto it. I faced my character so the arm was to the left of my character and than jumped up and hit left arrow so I would take a small precise jump on top of the arm. Once it gets to the top jump onto the top crate from the arm. You can than jump up onto the scaffolding with more crates / missile stacks. In the middle is another beam that leads you up to the Datacron.

Willpower +4

Loc: 703, 1717 - You can visually see this Datacron from the surrounding areas. It is on a third level grated platform (ground being first). It is inaccessible from the surrounding area. You have to go way off East to start the climb around to it. There are really only 2 hard jumps in the entire route. One will have a soft reset where you are set back a small amount but nothing too bad. The other is right at the end and will cause you to re-run the entire route. As long as you are careful it is not bad.


Start around 1130,1670. There is a large ramp going into a tunnel through a building. Do not go in the tunnel. Go West and take the molding around the side of the building. Follow it around under the grated platform holding the ships. You will hop some supports on route. When you come to the last support (you can do this earlier if you prefer), jump on it and run up it. Just above it near the top, you will see a beam running perpendicular. Jump onto this beam. You should be at 947,1780.

Now for some twisting turns. No map coordinates for this. Follow the beam West, then North to the pipes. Jump onto those and turn around after you move out a bit. you should have the platform with the ships on it just above. Jump on to it (if you are having trouble, make sure you are on the highest of the little pipes). Then use your Datacron hunting box jumping to get on top of the ship. (Crates -> Large Containers -> Ship) Jump on top of the cockpit area from the weapons pod. Then go over to the large crates, over them to the the equipment going West again. Travel along it and onto the lip on the equipment (small jump up).

Now you are in the home stretch, if you make this jump. Jump from the SE corner onto the pipe nearby. If you miss this jump, you will end up behind some fences. Carefully edge walk East and South around the corner and back the the support that you climbed earlier. Otherwise, keep moving West. At this point you will work West, down onto a rooftop that extends over open areas. Keep going West. When it bends South, follow it to the beam that forms a ramp to more beams. Take that up and you are now on level with the Datacron. Walk over to the platform then make a careful jump cutting the corner to get on. (I believe that the edge extends a bit if you catch the corner so you don’t fall as long as you make a decent jump, but I did not and will not test it.)



Endurance +4

Loc: 103, -80 - I found this one while doing the Quest Shoring Up Defenses, I was at the point in the quest where I had to deactivate the Southern Shield Generator. If you look off the edge of the cliff to the North ( Map North ) you can see it. I just dropped down from edge to edge. It isn’t really hard but here are pictures.

After I got it I headed North and found that there were elevators that took you up / down, but this is by far the easier way to get down. Less fighting and you are already there for the Daily on Ilum.

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I haven't actually tried to get a Datacron due to videos I watched on youtube about them. One of them you have to wait 45 minutes for the air baloon to arrive then wait another 45 minutes for it to take you there. When you get to these two Datacron you have to jump off the baloon and land safely on a ship. The first one on the trip is easy to get, but the second one is tricky because you have to land safely on a tiny little ledge. If you miss this ledge you have to do the entire ride all over again.


I watched this Datacron eventure on the swiftyswtor channel.

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Woah. this is amazing. Thanks!!


Been looking for a good guide like this. Will definitely bookmark this page.


Mind if I share it with the members of my guild?

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i made an account and joined just because of this post. Awsome job dude bookmarked and exported to word doc just in case.


bump bump bump bump

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i made an account and joined just because of this post. Awsome job dude bookmarked and exported to word doc just in case.


bump bump bump bump


Thanks! Just updated a few that I was missing.

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Now here is the +10 to all stats Datacron, wow it was a pain in the ass...



+10 All Stats

Location: Republic Fleet Museum



- You must be level 50 to get this Datacron.

- You must have a full group of level 50′s to get this Datacron. (We actually recommend bringing 6 level 50 players).

- You must have MGGS, obtained from an Alderan vendor for 10,000 credits. Location is 1867, 1090.

- You must have a Red Crystal found on Corellia at location 690, -2200


Start in the Museum on the Republic Fleet (make sure you are on your vehicle). Jump onto the ship with the medical droid on it. Once you make it safely onto the ship, go inside and head towards the back, where you will activate a module. When activated it fires a laser which will break open a door. Go through the door and follow the path, you will reach another door where there are a bunch of gems. ONLY loot the Big Blue Gem (all level 50 players who want this Datacron must do this).


Head back to the big room and approach the statue. Insert your Red Crystal (gathered in Corellia, see notes above) into the clickable area on the statue. This will make a small button on the statue become clickable (this button can only be activated by a level 50 with the blue gem). Click the button, once activated you will see a shield deactivate allowing you to enter a new door. Have all party members head through that door. Follow the hallway and at the first left there is a bridge which is will be un-crossable at the moment. This is where you need your party members.


At the very end of the hallway there is a control room (let’s call it Control Room A) with 3 switches which must be activated simultaneously to lower the bridge so you can pass over it. After crossing the bridge, there is another control room where there are 3 more switches (let’s call this Control Room B) which you need to activate all of them simultaneously to let the rest of your party over. This is much easier with 6 or 7 people – hence the note on the top.


Once every person is across the bridge from Control Room A, you (or some of your party members) go on the center beam located on the other side of the room. From this beam, drop down to the beam below and on the right and left of you will be consoles with switches. Press switches A and B simultaneously. What this does is activate the magnets needed for your MGGS, for a brief time. You should still have at least one member of your group in Control Room B. This person will hook shot up on to the closest visible magnet (they look up to the left for a white dot in the distance when it’s activated). At the same time another person has to go right and drop down onto another beam (that is closest to Control Room B) and follow it to the right until they see a white circle in the distance (this becomes a magnet when the two switches are activated). Once activated players hook shot up to it (hook shot is somewhat bugged so it may take a lot of attempts and /stucks) and you both hit the switches C and D that are there simultaneously. At this point, everyone who needs the Datacron types /stuck this will not kill you in here. It will simply teleport you back to control room B.


This teleports you back to Control Room B and everyone that wants the Datacron gets on the center beam. From there, everyone looks up to the left and hook shot’s to the magnet. Once there, one of you will hook shot across to the right and drop down to a ledge and activate the final switch (which for this case switch E) and from there hook shot back to the center magnet. With switch E and all the other switches activated another magnet above a door (which is above in the distance from the center magnet) is what you all want to go through. At this time ALL the switches for the magnets should be pressed and activated as the magnet above the door is activated by staggering them.


Bullet Point Recap

  • Bottom two people hit switches A and B
  • Then two other people hook shot up and hit Switches C and D
  • Everyone types /stuck
  • Hook shot to the center magnet on the pillar
  • One person hook shots and presses switch E, then heads back to center magnet
  • All hook shot to door
  • Success!

From there you follow the hallway until you arrive at the door (Only level 50′s with the Big Blue Gem can go through this) to your Datacron.


NOTE: Once you get your Datacron you lose the Red Crystal and the Big Blue Gem. You can go get the Red Crystal again but you will be unable to get the Big Blue Gem ever again, it is a single use item.


And a video to help out:


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Yes this is very helpful! There is also an android app you can get, I'm sure iPhone has one too. Sometimes the details as to where the datacrons are can be confusing but its a good reference guide as well.

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Thanks a lot this info is very helpfull! I wish I would of got all this info in all the games I have played ;) just shows you that this game is awesome!

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