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Mouse vs keyboard movement? pros & cons

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Hey guys,


Hastings here with a quick few questions, I would appreciate any input or tips :).


I have been playing Swtor since the very hour of its release date, and was a 5 year WoW player. Now back when i played WoW, I believe I may have picked up a bad habit. I stopped using my keyboard for movement entirely and only used it for key bindings. Which means I relied on my mouse for ALL my movement. (Meaning I would just hold down my right/left mouse buttons to move, turn and adjust camera) this free'd up the letters "w,a,s,d,q,e" for more keybindings, which at the time I thought was a good idea. now in swtor this habit is haunting me, my main dmg keybindings currently are "1,2,3,4,5,q,w,a,s,d,f,g," then "+ shift" to all of them for twice as many. now because i only use my mouse for movement and turning I had to keybind "Target nearest enemy" to the letter "E" and tap "Tab" to change targets, because i was unable to target with my mouse. in PvE and while levelling a melee class I found no issue with this current keybinding and targeting set up.

I'm not an idiot, I do know the disadvantages with this set up,

such as:

1. I no longer have strafing (all my characters are melee classes tho, so it is LESS necessary)

2. If I wanted to target a foe that was NOT the closest, I had to stop moving and quickly use my mouse to target (although "tab" does cycle thro targets)

3. I could not turn my camera WITHOUT turning my character

4. and could not reverse


But I figured those were a small sacrifice for the comfortable keybinds of "q,w,e,a,s,d,". I also know the advantages of this setup.

1. quick character turning for melee classes allowing you to get behind you target fast.

2. smooth character turning allowing full control of the degree of the angles you turn at

3. freeing up "q,w,e,a,s,d" for easy hand placement for dmg attacks.

4. i could move any direction and keep attacking with all my attacks (unlike if u were turning with your "D" key and needed to use your "F" keybind)


But now in Swtor level 50 PvP I find it extra hard to target enemies that are on different levels/hights in hut ball and so on. So now considering the pros, and cons, and the fact I personally enjoy melee classes more.

!!!Should I stick to my personal setup, where I am more comfortable and my muscle memory is already in place, or should I try to rebind all my attacks and go back to movement with my keyboard?!!!


Any and all of your input and suggestions are much appreciated, thank you for taking your time and reading my about issue, I thank you and I appreciate it.


- Hastings (50 sith jug - realm= crucible pits)

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