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Training Droid Giveaway!

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We are holding an open trial beta to everyone on our forums who has 10 posts!


As well as 100,000 credit giveaway! (can you guess where those credits came from? )


What exactly IS TrainingDroid.com?


Trainingdroid is a growing swtor community that deals in making quality and stable swtor bots. Our current bot is in beta and we have been extensively testing the bot for any instability. We are proud to say that we can run it hours on end without it getting stuck or bugging.



Here is a 2 hour time lapse video (with a windows time widget to show the time)





We have also been running it constantly (12-18 hours a day) with a level 20 character in a lvl 15 zone. In a mere three days we've amassed 100,000 credits, several purple items, and a pair of orange boots.






May the force be with you,

-Training Droid Team

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