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RTS Games With a Good Story?

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Tomorrow I start my teaching job. One of the classes

I'm insanely excited to be teaching is Video Games as

Literature (the study of video games as a storytelling

medium). I have a pretty good setup for the course, I

think, but I have one friend who constantly laments the

fact that I have no RTS games in the course. The reason

I didn't include any is pretty simple; I have never (in

my admittedly limited experience with the genre) played

an RTS with a story worth studying in a literature

course. Not even close. I've barely ever even heard

story mentioned in relation to the genre; with very few

exceptions, the mechanics and strategy seem to be all

that matter.

But I certainly would be interested to see if there is

an exception to this perceived rule. So then,

Escapists, tell me: are there any RTS games with

genuinely interesting storylines, interesting

characters, and thematic depth?

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