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Shield Absorption vs. Defense

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Made up terms I use for the following article :

Shield Absorption or SA = how much your shield absorbs

Shield Procting or SP = How often your shield shows up

Defense I will refer to as D = your avoidance rating


So as I was sitting in class thinking about the up come and release I was thinking about how stupid Shields sound. I felt like there is no way it is going to come close to Defense because your are avoid all your damage that way. Than I started thinking about the scaling of it because of how nerdy I am. My hypothesis was that the gap between Shield absorption and defense decreases as they increase.


The first thing I did was create a Scenario. Lets say in a boss fight you get hit 1000 times for a sample pool and for 100 damage. For a total of 100,00 damage. If you were to have 1 percent defense you would block ten times for 100 percent of the damage for a total of 100 damage avoided. If you were to have 1 in SA and SP (for this experiment I always kept the numbers the same to make it easier on me and my head. In real life they won't be like this but it made sense here for setting ratios and such. you only block ten. Which making it seem useless for a stat. The interesting thing is that if you were to go to 2 SA and 2 SP you block 40 damage avoided. There for having a 400 percent increase. While if you have 2 defense you go to 2000 damage avoided which is only 100 percent. Means Shields is growing at an exponential rate where as defense is growing at a flat rate. With 3 SA and 3 SP you are blocking 90 which is a 9000 percent increase from the original 10.


After I did those 3 numbers I decided to create the ratio in which defense and shields seemed equal. The answer was 10 SA and 10 SP. That was where Shields equaled Defense as a stat for avoid damage. So lets try that for 2 defense and 20 SA and 20 SP? Well with Defense you are now avoid 2000 damage where as Shields its 4,000. What a crazy difference. This made me thing so now there is a new ratio????? The close thing i got was 7.5 SA and SP now equals the 1 defense. So now I went for another round trying the new data. So 3 defense now blocking 3000 damage compared to the shields 5290!!! The gap is now growing bigger from the old one? The new ratio would be 1 defense equals 5.3 SA and SP. Which shows the gap gets lower and lower over time.... I did many more test after this with the same results.


What this means to the gamer???????????


Well its pretty clear if you have the same defense as Shields you the defense is better. So the game developers are going to have find a ratio where that works. There does not seem to be a ratio though with the growth. this means lets say they set it to 10 like we saw up there. Shields will end up being so much better the more you get because of how it is scaled!!!!!!!! So how is Swtor going to do this. Will bioware put in a soft cap. Or maybe SA and SP are scaled differently. I did not get a chance to play beta :( so I have no Idea how it looked in there. If anyone who played would like to contact me and tell me how it worked I would love to hear at Hendricksconnor@yahoo.com.... Thanks a lot if you manage to read this far

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